Torry Martin: King of the Hawaiian Shirt


  1. singingzombie’s avatar

    Sorry, Mike, but you are mistaken. That is so obviously Harry Knowles. Get your facts straight.

  2. singingzombie’s avatar

    wait, he won’t take offense to that, will he? I hope not…

    1. mike’s avatar

      oh- i’m sure he will. ;)

    2. SandyB’s avatar

      I’m waiting for the Torry bobble-head…

      1. Matt’s avatar

        Nice drawing.

        I like Torry’s article, and I have to say he is correct. The Flash may be the fastest MAN on Earth, but Superman is not technically a man since he isn’t from Earth. He is a humanoid.

        As a side note, I am trying out wordpress for the first time, the site is a temporary host, but I thought I would share it with you since I have been hanging around here for a while (two years).

        1. mike’s avatar

          hey yeah! check it out. nice photos dude!

        2. Lee Peffer’s avatar

          this is one of my favorites.

          thanks for talking today in our class. it was great to hear what you had to say and see some of your beautiful illustrations. it was much appreciated.


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