San Diego Comic-Con

You’ll be able to find me hiding behind table N-05 in the Small Press area (aisle 1700) as indicated on this official SDCC map:


And I will have a bunch of brand spankin new Cleopatra in Space books with me! Fresh off the printer.



I’ll also have Cow & Buffalo books, lots of prints, Jen, some buttons and stuff… More than likely I’ll be drawing a lot of pictures too. This will be the first time I’ll have a table at SDCC as well as my first time exhibiting on the west coast. That means it’ll likely be the first time I’ll get the chance to meet a lot of you, so I hope you can stop by and say hi!


  1. Eddie Perkins’s avatar

    There’s only a very slim chance that I’ll make it to Comic Con. Will these be available after the con by mail? Guess it depends on if they sell out. I hope they sell out even if that means I don’t get one. But, if not, I hope to buy one from you at some other point.

    Anyway, hope you have fun and have lots of sales!

  2. Breadwig’s avatar

    you’re driving me crazy! I wish I could have gone and hung out with you this year. Bah. The books look awesome!

  3. Mike H.’s avatar

    Was nice to meet you at the con, I hope it all went well for you and your books! (And I hope you managed to stop giving 50 dollar bills as change in place of 20s.) ;)

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