Wonder Woman’s New Costume

Since I’ve been seeing a lot of artists trying their hand at Wonder Woman’s new costume, I thought I’d give it a shot as well.


I tried to give as much homage to Jim Lee’s design as I could, and I still had to simplify things to avoid frustration. For the record, I’m actually cool with the general idea of it. Giving her pants, the smaller tiara, the way the gold trims that red top. It’s just about 85% too much. The choker, those crazy gloves and weird foot thingies seem unnecessary. And the jacket feels like it was only added as a way to incorporate blue into the outfit. Still, this design will work better on film, which I’m sure is the point- especially for a much younger Diana which no doubt will be cast.

Check out some of the other cool interpretations published on Project: Rooftop today!


  1. Jason’s avatar

    any chance that’ll be a print in the near future? I seem to be collecting prints of characters I’m not exactly fond of from you, but you make them GORGEOUS!

    1. mike’s avatar

      hmm.. yeah maybe. not quite sure how a print of Wondy in her new costume’ll sell, but if enough people ask i’ll do a run. maybe for baltimore.


      1. Jason’s avatar

        I look forward to seeing it, if possible. If not, I shall save my pennies. One day I am gonna commission you to do a Zatanna picture for me at least. Maybe I can save enough pennies for something similar to this, though I shall insist we call her Donna, just like the Robin-Spoiler is an unidentified female Robin hehe.

        1. Jason C’s avatar

          Both my girlfriend and I would love to own a print of this! So there are two more orders if you do a run.

          1. mike’s avatar

            well alright! good to know. i’ll look into getting some ready in time for Baltimore next month. :)

            1. Breadwig’s avatar

              Very nice. Awesome Wonderiffic pose.

            2. Logan’s avatar

              Great picture, I would order one too.

              1. Ben Hatke’s avatar

                Better than most, to be sure!

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