Iron Man AP cards

Holy bad parent, Batman! Sorry for the abandonment of this blog lately! Upon returning from HeroesCon, and in the wake of selling out of all my Cleopatra in Space preview books, I made a last minute decision to print up ALL of Cleo Chapter 1—complete with tons of extra features—for SDCC next month. Because of this (and starting Cleo Chapter 2), I just haven’t had a lot of time to work on much else. Except finishing up these super fun Iron Man 2 AP cards:



What a blast. Thanks to everyone who bought one! I actually still have 2 blanks left that no one has claimed yet. So if any of you out there want one, just drop me a line.



  1. Cole’s avatar

    Very nice! I love the one with Tony Stark munchin’ on a burger

    1. mike’s avatar

      iron man fuel!

    2. xenos’s avatar

      i concur, tony stark is so flippin cool…

      1. mike’s avatar

        i love him. and i love that he loves himself.

      2. Breadwig’s avatar

        These might be my new favorites Mike. These Stark moments are brilliantly awesome.

        1. mike’s avatar

          tony is such a great character. better then iron man i think. :)

        2. Claire @Sketch card’s avatar

          I love your Iron Man sketch card. They are fun! :)

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