Cleo Art for Heroes Con!

Here is some new Cleopatra in Space art I recently finished up for my favorite convention of the year, HeroesCon, which I’ll be at in June.

I will have a signed & numbered limited edition print run of fifteen for it at the con. Fourteen of them will be for sale at my table. The other one, along with the original b&w artwork, will be donated to Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find’s annual art auction which helps fund the show and maintain it’s awesomeness.

All signs are pointing towards this years show being the best one ever. I’m really excited. June 4-6, Charlotte Convention Center. Hope to see you there!

EDIT: I found out I’ll be at table AA-520, on the outskirts of Indie Island. Click HERE for a map that shows you exactly where that is, along with some photos of the above Cleo prints!

EDIT #2: The above HeroesCon print is now available in my online store!


  1. Jande’s avatar

    15 won’t be enough. lol

    That is gorgeous. Wish I was going to the con. (sigh)

    1. mike’s avatar

      aw too bad you’re missing out. if i have any prints left, i’ll sell them in my store!

    2. Matt’s avatar

      Glad to hear you are coming back to Charlotte again.

      Cleo is stunning as always.

      1. mike’s avatar

        thanks, matt! it’ll be nice to see you again.

      2. Bryan B.’s avatar

        some day we’ll both get to meet at a con again. Heroes sounds great. Love the illo for it.

        1. mike’s avatar

          yes! you should go. you aren’t even too far away…

        2. bruce’s avatar

          Just stumbled onto your site. Your art makes me smile. thanks.

          1. mike’s avatar

            aw- thanks, bruce!

          2. Keith’s avatar

            this is great! cya in charlotte

            1. mike’s avatar

              awesome! see you then, keith!

            2. Sjan’s avatar

              very ‘fresh’ style, nice colors too :)

              1. mike’s avatar

                thanks, sjan!

              2. Steve’s avatar

                Cleo is great! I’m sure my girls would go nuts over her. Any way to purchase the books outside of the HeroesCon?

                1. mike’s avatar

                  thanks, steve! unfortunately i sold out of all the books i had at heroes, but I’m currently putting together a NEW and BIGGER and BETTER book for SDCC! whatever i don’t sell there i’ll be putting up for sale online. :)

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