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This was a fun assignment. I was asked by Clash Entertainment, a fantastic new Christian site dedicated to teens and tweens, to draw a bunch of illustrations to go along with a series of online articles giving modest fashion tips for young teenage girls. There were thirteen articles in all which meant thirteen girls (and one guy). Those of you following me on twitter or facebook got a chance to see them as they posted weekly on Clash, but here they are sans text for the first time. But make sure to go HERE to see them all with the articles they were attached to. Some really good tips (if you’re a teenage girl)!















  1. Keath’s avatar

    These are awesome! I actually wouldn’t mind having prints of a few of these :D

    You did a great job with the fashions as well – I think these clothes are a lot more interesting and fun to draw than superhero outfits. Maybe that’s just me tho …

    1. mike’s avatar

      i think the plan is too put them all in to a book of some sort. i’ll let you know.

      and yeah- reg clothes are WAY more fun then superhero outfits. easier too. that’s one of the reasons i always loved Runaways, because they just ran around in cool outfits instead of spandex.

    2. Muffin’s avatar

      This is so cool, Mike! I loved the girls, and also the tips (even though I’m no teenager anymore. :P) your style is perfect for this.

      1. mike’s avatar

        thanks, mette! yeah, the tips are still fun to read even if they aren’t relevant to all of us. hopefully some girls out there got some use out of them though.

      2. Matt’s avatar

        I didn’t read the tips, but I do like the images. The “Your ad here” one is something I think abut when I see many people walking around.

        1. mike’s avatar

          yup! girls need to be more aware of what exactly they are showing off.

          1. Matt’s avatar

            I saw a teenager wearing a shirt that said “Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice” in that section of the shirt…

            Needless to say that if I had a teenage daughter that shirt would be destroyed.

          2. Matt’s avatar

            Mike could you comment on the four poses in image number 11?

              1. Matt’s avatar

                OK, well I read it… Makes sense now… but I can no longer say I din’t look over the series of advice.

                1. Matt’s avatar

                  I sent the link to my cousin (15) and she said it wouldn’t open. So I tried and I can’t even find the article on their site.

                  Just thought you should know.

                  1. craig’s avatar

                    found it – i think they changed their “style” section to “living” but didn’t update all of their links.

                  2. JENNY’s avatar

                    i tootaly know how to draw those

                  3. JENNY’s avatar

                    IM JUST
                    IM JUST WRITING
                    IM JUST WRITING THIS
                    IM JUST WRITING THIS TO
                    IM JUST WRITING THIST TO WASTE

                    DON’T COPY!!!

                  4. Mari’s avatar

                    it really is a shame that the website is no longer available.. I tried entering but I think that I’m a tad bit TOO late!
                    However I can tell a lot from your illustrations, which is after all what a good illustration should do!

                  5. Bill Gathen’s avatar

                    I love these!

                    Any possibility of getting a poster with all the poses? It would look great on the wall of my daughter’s room. She’s only 9, but never too early to start, and she loves your art style almost as much as I do. :-)

                    1. mike’s avatar

                      thanks bill! they were done for a client so i can’t reproduce them myself unfortunately. there was talk about compiling them all into a book at some point though. i’ll keep you posted.

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