lots more sketch cards!

Finished a big batch of sketch card commissions over the weekend.

Illyana (w/ bamf doll), Colossus, Kitty Pryde & Nightcrawler:


Batwoman & Batgirl:


And from left to right on down, Optimus Prime, Hot Rod, Hound, Kyle Rayner & Jade, Colossus (painting a picture of Storm) and Chihiro & friends from Spirited Away.

optimusprime01.jpg hotrod.jpg
hound01.jpg kyle_jade.jpg
colossus_painting.jpg chihiro01.jpg

These actually conclude my commission requests for the time being. I’m taking the month “off” to focus on Cleo and some con preparation. But I’m sure I’ll be back to taking on more commissions by the summer. Just keep an eye on my store or twitter feed for details. And thanks to all of you for the requests so far! As always, they are a joy to draw.

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  1. Keath’s avatar

    The one of Colossus painting is my favorite. As usual, I think your best work is when you take these super macho muscleheads and put them in downtime settings, like Wolvie’s tea party.

    At one point I had wanted to start a con sketchbook and have artists draw what they thought superheroes would do after a long night’s hero-ing. Spidey crashing on the couch, The Thing watching a movie, Dr. Strange doing a soduku puzzle, etc etc. You should do a series like that! Hop to it!

    1. mike’s avatar

      thank you, keath. for giving me more work to do. as usual.


    2. Bryan B.’s avatar

      Great batch! I must say, I am really specially diggin’ the spirited away card.

    3. Sally’s avatar

      Aw! That Spirited Away card is about the cutest thing ever! <3

      1. mike’s avatar

        the client only asked for chihiro, but i couldn’t help putting all her friends in there as well. :)

      2. damon’s avatar

        super good i love your stuff

        1. mike’s avatar

          thanks, dude!

          1. mike’s avatar

            ROCK-IN-ROLL! :D

          2. Ben Hatke’s avatar

            Oh, man, Mike these are so cute! I love them!

            1. mike’s avatar

              hey ben! thanks so much, man. :)

            2. Joaodiogo’s avatar

              Love the colors, really bright these are awesome :)
              My favourite is the one where Colossus is painting ehehe awesome work here :)

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