A very nice fan out of Holland commissioned me to draw a gargoyle for a possible tattoo. She wasn’t too specific other than wanting the gargoyle to be cute and have a couple of kitties in it. Like she had to pull my leg to get me to add cats to a drawing. ;)


I made one of those process animations of this piece too which you can view HERE if you want.

ALSO– for those of you residing in the northeastern region of this grand ol’ U S of A, I will be at the Pittsburgh Comicon this weekend, April 23-25. I’ll be in the Small Press section, booth S086 (right across from the concessions). So if you are planning on being there, make sure to stop by and say hi!


  1. Bieeanda’s avatar

    Oh my, she’s absolutely adorable!

    1. Andrew’s avatar

      Wow that was totally rad! How did you make that animation? Thank you for sharing. Someday when I am rich I am going to comission work from you!

      1. mike’s avatar

        thanks, andrew. it was made in flash. and you don’t have to be rich to get a commission from me! i do some pretty inexpensive ones. or just try to find me at a con.

      2. DrDarkheart’s avatar

        Wow that is amazingly cute. It really came out great.

        1. Matt’s avatar

          Granted I only met you and the wifey once at a convension, but the gargoyle looks very similar to Jen.

          Adorable… Nice work as always…

          1. mike’s avatar

            haha! a little bit of jen probably shows up in all of my girls. shes my favorite person to look at. :)

            1. Matt’s avatar

              Good Answer ;)

            2. Alograg’s avatar

              I like it too..

              1. mike’s avatar

                thanks, dude!

              2. Tim’s avatar

                Beautiful work as of late Mr. Maihack.

                1. mike’s avatar

                  aw, thanks tim!

                2. Kirry’s avatar

                  Its hanging on my wall and I love every detail of it. Thank you again Mister Mike.

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