new sketch cards

Finished up some more sketch card commissions over the weekend:

superman01.jpg powergirl01.jpg
rhino01.jpg firestar01.jpg

From clockwise left: Superman, Power Girl, Firestar and Rhino.

Info for these colored sketch cards can be found HERE.



  1. EZG’s avatar

    That’s the only drawing of the Rhino I’ve ever liked. :)

    1. mike’s avatar

      really? wow- thanks!

    2. Eddie Perkins’s avatar

      You have such wonderful stuff!

      1. mike’s avatar

        thanks! so do you. in fact, i’m now watching you on DA. :)

      2. Ben Hatke’s avatar

        All these are fun! I like Rhino and Firestar the best.

        1. mike’s avatar

          thanks ben! part of me didn’t want to part with the rhino card…

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