Star Tarot

For those that don’t follow Cleopatra in Space—shame on you! Haha. Nah it’s cool (kinda). I just wanted to share this illo I finished up and posted over there today. Super Punch is celebrating its third anniversary by asking a bunch of different artists to contribute to a tarot card deck. I was fortunate enough to nab “The Star.” Fortunate because it gave me permission to illustrate a little preview of an upcoming Cleo story.

And by “upcoming” I mean a few years from now (I have stories lined up for Cleo to last me a lifetime). But there are some elements to this piece that come into play as early as chapter 2.


    1. cole’s avatar

      hey mike

      i was in ballinger’s class today, and just wanted to say thanks a ton for talking with us. I’d seen some of your Drawer Geeks stuff before and really liked them, so to have you in class was quite a treat. thanks!


      1. mike’s avatar

        thanks so much, cole! it was a pleasure to be there… albeit digitally. :) hopefully my rambling inspired and/or gave knowledge!

      2. Josh Addessi’s avatar

        Hey Mike, I was a student and aspiring illustrative artist in Ballinger’s class today, and I just wanted to say thanks so much for taking time to talk to our class! It was funny because Ballinger insisted that I see you speak because I too love drawing fairies and pixies, so it was especially awesome to see some of your work. I’m a fan. Keep being Awesome!


        1. mike’s avatar

          thanks, josh! i was cool to be able to talk to your class. and pixies are cool! don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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