All-Ages All-Stars: Scarlet Witch

Last Thursday, the newly reformed Project Rooftop debuted a new section of their superhero design site: all-ages interpretations of  classic superhero characters. Awesome! The new category kicked off with my interpretation of Wanda Maximoff (aka: The Scarlet Witch) & friends.


Crazy, accident-prone Jon Morris came to me with the idea and then pretty much gave me free reign to do whatever I wanted. And boy, am I SO glad he suggested a giant red witches hat. :)

Read more about all-ages Wanda HERE. And if you have a cool concept, make sure to submit it!


  1. damon’s avatar

    very cool i like

    1. mike’s avatar

      thanks, damon!

    2. Cosplayangels’s avatar

      she just broke the cute-o-meter!

      1. mike’s avatar

        not good! we need a new cute-o-meter! stat!

      2. EZG’s avatar

        Very, very fun. Nice colors, as per usual. You’ve done a nice job–it would be great to see a lot of clever Marvel titles reimagined in this vein.

        1. mike’s avatar

          thanks, eric! i agree, i’d love to see more all-ages reimaginings in the Big 2. they’d at least have ME as a reader. :)

        2. Chrissy’s avatar

          Oooh! Super cute~ I wanna do it, too… I just might! If I can figure out which one, that is lol

        3. Candy’s avatar

          its really cute. Good idea too. Like it Love it.

          1. mike’s avatar

            aw thanks, candy!

          2. Rich’s avatar

            Dude, I totally dig it! I can totally see Magneto as the over protective father. And I think Lorna needs and issue dedicated completely to her!

            1. mike’s avatar

              it would be a totally fun comic, right?

            2. bryan b.’s avatar

              Very cool. Love her hexin’ circles specially.

              1. mike’s avatar

                thanks, bryan! hexin’ circles are cool.

              2. Jay’s avatar

                This is awesome! I’m a HUGE Vision and Scarlet Witch fan, so I’m always glad to see new interpretations. :D

                1. Maki P’s avatar

                  I like it! Seems a bit like “Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade”. Yeah, I would totally buy this book (the other Avengers would go to her school right?)

                  1. mike’s avatar

                    i’m sure other characters would pop up from time to time. :)

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