young avengers assemble!

Another commission to scratch off the list! This one of a b&w six card puzzle set of those pesky teenage avenger kids teaming up against poor little MODOK. A lot of fun working on this one.


Here’s how all the cards look separated:


I really enjoyed those Young Avengers comics. I’d like to see Marvel bring the title back for some more adventures one day. Or at least do something more with the characters.

ALSO, the Orlando MegaCon is this weekend- which means I’ll be there! In my usual spot: Artist Ally, table white 7. New this year will be some “hot off the press” Cleopatra in Space books as well as some rad new prints. Plus all the usual Cow & Buffalo swag I always have with me.  I might even bring my guitar and sing a song or two. It’s going to be epic.



  1. bryan b.’s avatar

    I can’t wait till I can afford to hire you for a commission.

    1. mike’s avatar

      it’ll be the best day of your life. ever.

      1. mike’s avatar

        okay. i might be exaggerating… ;)

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