more sketch cards

Here are some recent sketch card commissions I just finished up:

psylocke01.jpg buffy01.jpg
rogue&gambit.jpg spider-ham01.jpg

From clockwise left: Psylocke, Buffy, the Spectacular Spider-Ham and Rogue & Gambit. Still having fun with the watercolors! I may have to go out and by some tubes that aren’t over ten years old.

If anyone is interested, these color card commissions currently run about $30 each. Just contact me if’n it’s somthin’ you want.



  1. Keath’s avatar

    They’re all awesome, but the Psylocke is the awesomest of the awesome!

    Oh those purple haired girls – they get me every time!

    1. mike’s avatar

      i always pegged you for a guy that liked purpleheads, keath. ;)

    2. Eric Merced’s avatar

      I love the Buffy card. But dang, Gambit and Rouge looks SO adorable.

      1. mike’s avatar

        thanks, eric! i was actually quite the sucker for their romantic antics back in the day so i’m glad i was asked to draw that.

      2. johnny’s avatar

        very nice, really like the psylocke. she’s got that serious but cute face and the head turn action. nice!

        1. mike’s avatar

          i admit i know very little about psylocke other than she is asian with a british accent. which is kinda cool. she sure was fun to draw though!

        2. riko’s avatar

          love the rogue and gambit!

          1. Cosplayangels’s avatar

            looks like Buffy’s making a comeback!
            really nice art in each one of the cards, I wouldn’t really know which one is my favourite…

            1. mike’s avatar

              i don’t think buffy will ever fade away, cosplay!

            2. allie’s avatar


            3. Claire @Sketch card’s avatar

              Your sketch card gambit and rogue is very cool :)

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