reed gunther pin-up

Chris Houghton is an incredibly gifted artist. And along with his brother Shane, they put out an equally incredible comic called Reed Gunther. It’s a fun western series about a hero who rides a bear and continually gets involved in adventures he’d probably rather not be involved in. Anyhoo, Chris asked if I’d draw a pin-up for the third issue, which I was more than happy to do.


My pin-up features a character from the first issue which the Houghton brothers are currently putting up for free at And issue 3 is ON SALE NOW! If I were you, I’d lasso up that issue before it sells out. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Keath’s avatar

    I see a cow in the background. I see a buffalo in the background. I do not see a hippo in the background.

    The inexplicable anti-Cabbie activity continues! You’re like Walt Disney when he refused to put Donald Duck in cartoons because he was more popular than Mickey!

    And don’t give me any of that hogwash about “There are no hippos in the wild west!” For one thing, there’s a pond clearly visible in which he could live. Secondly, Ash could have brought him there. Thirdly, well, I don’t have a thirdly but if I did it would be a really good reason!

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