Cleo launches today!

Today is a good day. Why? Because Cleopatra in Spaaace officially started her weekly adventures today! Make sure you subscribe or check back at every Monday to keep up on all of the action!


  1. Calamity Jon’s avatar

    Aw, it looks so good! I’m super excited. Although I’m abashed that I left out the three extra “A”s when I posted the link around town …

    1. mike’s avatar

      hah! that’s okay. i assume people echo “SPACE” in their head automatically. :)

      thanks for spreading the word!

    2. Chrissy’s avatar

      Looks super cool! By the way… I think you’re really cool too :) I have a link to you from my blog for keeping up with updates… Hope you don’t mind!

      1. mike’s avatar

        aw, thanks chrissy! nice blog too. :)

      2. Muffin’s avatar

        How exciting! :D I look forward to follow this, Mike.

        1. mike’s avatar

          yay! thanks mette!

        2. Cormac’s avatar

          I look forward to more :D

          1. mike’s avatar

            thanks, cormac!

          2. TJ Lubrano’s avatar

            Hello mr. Mike! Remember me? I promised that I would let you know when I would post the phoenix drawing where I used your illustration as reference.

            Well, I posted two sketches of the phoenix on my blog. really a rough sketch, I will edit and tweak when I have more time ^_^. If you have some feedback, I would be happy! Thanks in advance and still loving your work here!! Keep it up!!

            Take care

            1. mike’s avatar

              that second one is great, tj! much improved from what i came up with. i can’t wait to see the final version!

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