catch a fluttering santa this year!

The best time to find them is in the early evenings, just before dusk.


This was Jen and I’s Christmas card this year. You can click HERE for one of those coloring process vids of it.

Also, if you’re lucky, one might flutter down and give you a present.



  1. Kev Brett’s avatar

    I think they’re great! Love ’em!

    Merry Christmas!


    1. mike’s avatar

      thank you! merry christmas to you too, kev!

    2. Bieeanda’s avatar

      That’s adorable. I can just imagine them skirling through the air, occasionally bouncing off the ground, like rotund, jolly snowflakes.

      1. mike’s avatar

        haha! you just made my illustration so much better with that visualization, bieeanda. thanks so much!

      2. Sarah Mensinga’s avatar

        Yay! I wanted to come over here and comment on this when I saw it on drawergeeks, but it wasn’t up when I checked. I LOVE it. Great concept and nicely done! Hurrah cute little floaty Santas.

        1. mike’s avatar

          aw sarah, thank you! i wanted to wait till most of the cards were mailed before i blogged it.

          good to see you back online!

        2. janko Bosch’s avatar

          ‘mooi man’ as we would say in dutch.

          1. Praveen Sawh’s avatar

            awsome, I wanna see what the cards look like!

            1. mike’s avatar

              they came out nice! if i get a chance i’ll try to take some pics of em.

              thanks, praveen!

            2. Kent’s avatar

              This was my favorite drawergeeks this week. What a great idea!

              1. mike’s avatar

                thanks kent! i though your elephant riding santa was great!

              2. Bryan B.’s avatar

                You rocked this one out of the park my friend.

                1. Tércio’s avatar

                  Very Very Good!!!

                  1. mike’s avatar

                    thank you, tèrcio. :) GREAT work on your blog!

                  2. megan’s avatar

                    Those are adorable! I love it. That kid though… he’s “gonna need a bigger net” he he

                    1. mike’s avatar

                      i know. that poor kid is doomed to failure. :P

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