iron man cards

Drew some more sketch cards! This time for the Iron Man 2 movie set coming out uh… next year I guess. I only did 10 this time around so I decided to do something I haven’t done since my college art school days: paint traditionally! This meant dusting off my old paints and brushes and trying to remember how to use them again. It was fun!






  1. JohnMichael Ayers’s avatar

    Awesome! They look great! Iron Man rules.


    1. damon’s avatar

      super cool love it

      1. Tor Harald Blom’s avatar

        You should use your paint more often, you got a warm good pallet and use them nicely! ^__^ This was fun to see!

        1. mike’s avatar

          i forgot how much i missed using them, tor! i think its safe to assume they’ll stay dusted off for a while. :)

        2. breadwig’s avatar

          My favorites are the old school iron man, and the one with Thor. All are killer though.

          1. mike’s avatar

            thanks, brian! old skool iron man is the most fun to draw. :)

          2. Mike’s avatar

            Simply awesome! I really just love how the colors interact and make the scene just pop.

            1. mike’s avatar

              i honestly had no idea how these colors were going to turn out, mike. thanks so much!

            2. Praveen Sawh’s avatar

              I love her lips. such simple lines but so effective..

              1. mike’s avatar

                thanks praveen! i really do need to be working on how i draw lips though…

              2. ricksam’s avatar

                really like ur style .. my fav of the batch is the thor bopping ironman on the head .. and that tony stark doing the ironing – how funny is that!

                1. mike’s avatar

                  those were probably my two favorite to draw, rick. :)

                2. Gerad’s avatar

                  Really great set of sketch cards!

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