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A while back, friend and fellow Lunchbox Funnies ally, Dave Roman, asked for some guest art for his wonderful Agnes Quill series (links aplenty this sentence!). Many months later…


For those unaware, Agnes Quill is a young private detective living in um… well not this century. She can also talk to ghosts. I wish i could have thought of something more creative than a magnifying glass to give her, but I’m afraid that’s about the extent of my detective possession knowledge. Anyhoo, I had fun drawing this, especially all those skulls. I highly recommend Agnes’ first batch of adventures which is still available on Amazon!



  1. Rod Hannah’s avatar

    Fantastic work as usual, Mike. LOL! I like the Yorick homage and the green hues. The lighting is great and moody. I had not heard of Agnes Quill before, but I love the way you draw her. This looks like a fun book.

    1. mike’s avatar

      thanks, rod! you might actually be able to find the book at your local library. i saw it at mine the other day.

    2. Keath’s avatar

      I have read the Agnes Quill collection available on Amazon and I can personally testify that it is eleventy kinds of awesome. Such a great concept.

      I think this is one of my favorite pieces you’ve done so far, Mike! Actually I keep saying that. Stop getting better Maihack, you’re making me look wishy washy!

      1. mike’s avatar

        hah! i don’t know about that- but thanks! i actually want to color some more monochromatic pieces like this.

      2. breadwig’s avatar

        Merrill and I haven’t read this, but we’ve added it to our list.

      3. christopher tupa’s avatar

        Love this! So cute! I really like the clothing and the details on the dress!

        1. mike’s avatar

          thanks, christopher! drawing that outfit was pretty fun. :)

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