old drawing, new color!

a friend of mine is decorating her daughter’s new room with lots and lots of my pixies (very cool!). one of which is this old sketch that she really wanted colored. so even though it was strange coloring something i scribbled OVER THREE YEARS AGO, i did it anyhow. because that’s what friends do.


and you know? i’m okay with this. i mean, i see a million gazillion problems with this drawing (as i do with almost all of my work) but i still think it looks alright. it’s funny to look back on your past work and see what works and what doesn’t and compare those things to your current work to see what you have worked out or should still be working on (sorry- lots of work right now!).

and i know you kids like your desktop sizes so here’s a larger image for those who want it. :)


  1. laurghita’s avatar

    The first time I thought it’s a sitting girl who embrances his knees.

    1. mike’s avatar

      huh- i never looked at it that way, but yeah! i guess it could be!

    2. Muffin’s avatar

      she is cuuuuuuute. :D

      1. Hanna’s avatar

        I think it’s a beautiful drawing.

      2. ariel’s avatar

        pixies are pretty cool. i think you should check out the mermaids.

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