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I did a commission trade with the talented Dan Boyd for his wife Christy’s birthday. I got this awesome Galactus piece and Christy got a requested Princess Mononoke.


I was pretty excited to draw this since Princess Mononoke is the film that introduced me to Hayao Miyazaki and who subsequently became one of my favorite directors. it was great to finally have a reason to draw some fan art for such an incredible film. Christy wanted the illo set in the fall so I tried to capture that season by giving Mononoke a somewhat serene quality to her but also indicate how completely nuts she is. Hopefully I made it work! Drawing that wolf at least was pretty fun. Feel free to click HERE for a flash progress thingy of the coloring process.

ALSO– Baltimore was a blast. A very fun, successful show for me so I’ll definitely be back next year. It was also cool to be there to see CBT win the Harvey for best anthology! It’s still kinda surreal to have been part of such a popular book, but I’ll take all the award creds I can take to add to my bio. :)


  1. Muffin’s avatar

    Mike, that is beautiful! I loved that movie. :) It was my first Miyazaki movie too.

    Loove the little guys (cant remember what they’re called). You colors are beautiful as always.

    1. mike’s avatar

      they are forest spirits, mette! and i love the little guys too. :)

    2. JuanBauty’s avatar

      Awesome! O_O great work!

    3. Matthew’s avatar

      I haven’t seen the movie, but I like the commission.

      Thank you for putting together the flash color rendering. I will always get a kick out of those.

      1. mike’s avatar

        try to watch it one day, matthew. parts of it can be kinda intense, but it’s a good one!

        and good to know my flash processes are appreciated. :)

      2. Bryan B.’s avatar

        We just finished watching that 2 nites ago! Great colors and composition as always.

        1. mike’s avatar

          hah! crazy odds…

        2. iamosi’s avatar

          stunning, bro! nicely done.

        3. mike’s avatar

          thanks so much everyone!

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