40 animals in 40 days

for those of you not following me on the twitter, you are totally missing out! i’ve been posting all sorts of fun and silly sketches on there (some of which could probably even be considered more than sketches). one of the fun things i’ve been doing recently is tweeting a new animal every day–well, work day–until i get up to forty of them. here are the first eight:







07_pig.jpg width=


i think i’ll eventually get around to posting all forty here on my blog- probably in batches of eight like this. but if you want to see them before everyone else, i recommend following me (as of today i think i’m at #12)!



  1. Tor Harald Blom’s avatar

    This is an real fun idea that you do greatly within your own style.
    Very nice! Looking forward to the rest of the zoo… and why stop when you have come to 40, then your only 60 away from a hundred!

    1. mike’s avatar

      haha- well, i have other things i should be doing than drawing animals all day. but i might draw a whole bunch more one day. we’ll see!

    2. princess’s avatar

      Wow u draw very nice. I like it and I really follow to sea the other animalls.

      1. mike’s avatar

        thanks, princess!

      2. mulber’s avatar

        I love the piggy best. Do you do requests? Cause if you do, I’d like to request a whale. and a dragon :)
        and I second the idea of 100 days of animals. there are so many cool animals you can cover that you can maintain the creativity/excitement! think:

        1. mike’s avatar

          i’ve actually already drawn all forty, mulbar. but if i ever do this again, i’ll certainly take requests. there’s a lot to choose from!

        2. José’s avatar


          You did a really nice work on those values.

          Best regards,


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