another submission to drawergeeks this week. this week’s topic was poison ivy. it doesn’t take much to get me to draw plants and a fetching redhead.


apparently my poison ivy is a naturist– which kinda makes sense, ya know? if you want, you can click HERE for another fancy, schmancy flash animation of the coloring progress.


  1. Rod Hannah’s avatar

    Mike, your style, your use of light, give these pieces a magical dream-like quality. The mood is fantastic, and the composition is beautiful. Poison Ivy as you’ve drawn her reminds me of Eve, except here she has that serpentine aspect too. Not that I knew Eve personally, but if she was anything like this, I doubt I could resist! :-)

  2. damon’s avatar

    so good

    very sexy

  3. mike’s avatar

    rod- aw, thank you! so many kind words. you’re awesome. and eve was kinda in the back of my head while i was sketching this. :)

    damon- thanks! i’m trying to work on my sexy…

  4. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Love the color palette.

  5. greenbeanbaby’s avatar

    hey, some beautiful work- ok, can’t say beautiful about a fella’s work, but it’s pretty swell!!!!! i found your work, trying to look up aquaman and drawers geeks [which sounds like a fun operation]…

  6. mike’s avatar

    bryan- thanks, dude!

    greenbeanbaby- thanks! i think you can say beautiful…

  7. Kimberly’s avatar

    although I’m amazed with everything you draw, once in a while I’m absolutely blown away. This is beautiful, sexy and all the other adjectives that go alone with WOW. Great job big brother. I’m so jealous that you have a talent like this. I guess you got all the good genes and Jill and I are just good at making babies.LOL

  8. Mish’s avatar


  9. mike’s avatar

    kim- you are a cool sister, and really good at making babies. you are also really good at a zillion other things i can’t even attempt to do. :)

    mish- thanks!

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