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i haven’t had the time to participate as much as i used to, but drawergeeks pulled me back into its web with a spider-man topic this week.


i didn’t want to draw yet another spidey swinging with mj hugging her arms around him, but at the same time i really wanted to draw spidey swinging with mj hugging her arms around him. so there you go.

and here’s something fun! i tend to save snapshots of my coloring process as i go along, so i decided to combine them all into this little animation. you can view it HERE (apologies to my iphone readers for using flash).


  1. eric orchard’s avatar

    This is fantastic! Love seeing you take on a superhero picture.What media did you use here?

  2. Joe G’s avatar

    Nice! Great design Mike. Love the layout and even the “falling flip flop” off of MJ.

  3. xenos’s avatar

    nice mike! especially diggin the animated process link too…

  4. Rod Hannah’s avatar

    Holy smokes, Mike! That is absolutely stunning! The lighting is gives it a really surreal effect! I love it. Great work!

  5. Mish’s avatar

    This looks amazing! Gorgeous colors…..I need to get back into DG again.

  6. Harry’s avatar

    You need to get Marvel behind you to draw Spiderman comics – STAT!!!!!!!!

  7. Keath’s avatar

    I would totally buy a Maihack/Marvel team up comic!

  8. Muffin’s avatar

    Mike, this one was sooo cool! I love the magic atmosphere you created and I was stunned to see the progress. :) Wow wow, you always nail it. :)

  9. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Rock on, that is totally chutney. One of your best DG’s ever!

  10. chris of the gerbil realm’s avatar

    wow, this is marvellous….

  11. Eduardo Medeiros’s avatar

    Hi Mike!

    awesome illustration!
    I went to comment that i really like a lot your colors, and i’m happy to see this process here.


    thanks a lot for your coment in my blog,


  12. Tim Baron’s avatar

    dude, you are the man. This is beautiful

  13. Jeff Andrews’s avatar

    This is great Mike! Really, really nice.

  14. Joe’s avatar

    Hey Mike,

    Fantastic work! And really appreciate seeing your process as well.

    Love from Australia.

  15. mike’s avatar

    wow everyone. thank you all very much! i’m going to try to reply to every one of you. here goes…

    eric- thanks! it’s penciled with my usual pentel blue lead and colored in photoshop.

    joe- what’s funny, is if this was jen, i think she’d be really concerned about losing that flip flop.

    xenos- glad you liked it- thanks!

    rod- well, the lighting itself is kinda surreal. haha. :) thanks!

    mish- yes you do!

    harry- okay. somebody let marvel know i want to do work for them.

    keath- okay. somebody let marvel know they will sell at least one issue if they let me do work for them.

    muffin- aw, thanks mette! your spidey was great too! hilarious as always. :)

    bryan- it is like a spicy preparation used to accompany a main dish? are you trying to get a new adjective out there? i’ll see what i can do to help…

    chris- i think you mean ‘chutney’.

    eduardo- of course! love your work.

    tim- thanks, dude!

    jeff- thanks!

    joe- yay! australia loves me! :D (great work on your site!).

  16. Matthew’s avatar


    The animated color process is really cool. I think that should become a mainstay for your images.

    Very nice image, one on my favorites of late.

  17. Cris Peter’s avatar

    Awesome! Loved it!

    Loved your blog!


  18. Jen Maihack’s avatar

    Yes, I would be concerned about losing my flip flop. But then I’d be like, “oh well! I’m hanging on SPIDERMAN!!” hot.

  19. Rich’s avatar

    Excellent work! I never get tired of MJ with Spidey. Wonderful animated link!!

  20. mike’s avatar

    matthew- yeah- it’s not tough. a little time consuming maybe though… i’ll certainly show more when time allows! :)

    chris- thank you!

    jen- you forgot to add, “but not as hot as my totally sexy husband who is soooo much cooler than spider-man and who would never cause me to lose a flip-flop.”

    rich- thanks, dude!

  21. Josh’s avatar



  22. Dave Pryor’s avatar

    Hey Man,

    Beautiful work! Very inspiring to me.


  23. mike’s avatar

    thanks josh and dave! :)

  24. Matthew’s avatar

    With today’s news headlines, can you add some mickey ears to spiderman?

    Just a stab at humor :)

  25. Paul H’s avatar

    Love the look of this one.

  26. Praveen Sawh’s avatar

    this is just Spectular!

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