shark week!

so yesterday, in celebration of tv’s celebration of sharks, i spent the day twittering sharks.




in the future i think i’m going to post exclusive drawings and stuff like this for those cool enough to be following me on twitter. think of it like an exclusive fan club. :) but since i’m still pretty much a newbie on there i didn’t want my also very cool blog followers to feel left out. especially during shark week!


  1. Chris Houghton’s avatar

    Haha, these are awesome Mike. Live EVERY week like it’s Shark Week!

  2. EZG’s avatar

    I’m trying like hell to add you to my follow list. But I think the DDos attacks on Twitter are really ruining the website. I guess I’ll have to do it later.

  3. Amanda Grazini’s avatar

    Hey Mike!
    Your stuff is better than ever!
    It’s been a while I don’t come in here!

  4. Alina’s avatar

    FUN FUN!! Love the Tweet this illo before!

  5. Jen Maihack’s avatar

    I love how the big shark is colored.

  6. mike’s avatar

    thanks, everyone! i always appreciate your comments. :D

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