follow me?


well, i gave in and finally signed up on twitter. you can follow me here (if you want):

i think i’m gonna use it for art and comic updates, probably tweet about music and movies from time to time, maybe throw in some discount codes if i ever find the time to get a decent store up and running- but definitely, without fail, i’m going to make certain to let you all know what i’m eating for lunch everyday.


  1. Rich’s avatar

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I’m not sure how much use twitter really is. But I’m following you now…soooooooo…I’ll be reading about you eating lunch every day! ;)

  2. eric orchard’s avatar

    Done! I’ve been Twittering a while now and it’s really helped my networking, with other artists and publishers and art directors.I’ve found it very useful. I also have it linked to both my blog and my Facebook updates so when I announce a new blog post it gets a much broader audience. People on Twitter will also Retweet what you write passing along your info to a larger group of people.

  3. mike’s avatar

    rich & eric- you guys are awesome.

    i hope i can keep up with it!

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