one fast ball special, coming up

this might be one of the funnest commissions i’ve drawn yet. i was asked to draw six sketch cards: definitely a nightcrawler, a collossus and a cow & buffalo one, but the rest were up to me. since curtis was pretty relaxed about whatever i decided to draw, i thought it would be fun to have all of the cards fit together to form one scene—because then i had an excuse to finally draw c&b as part of the x-men. :)


if anyone is interested i am still taking b&w sketch card commissions for $10 a card (or $15 for multiple characters). i have a blast drawing these!

you can click under the cut to see how all of the above cards look separated.




  1. Curtis’s avatar

    Sketchy goodness. You did an awesome job for me. Love that you added C & B into the puzzle.

  2. Chris Houghton’s avatar

    Ah, a great idea and a GREAT illustration Mike!

  3. Desiree’s avatar

    Love your blog, your work is so great, cant wait to see more!

  4. damon’s avatar

    super cool

    love it

  5. Josh’s avatar

    So awesome! Great work Mike!

  6. mike’s avatar

    curtis- yay! glad you like it. :)

    chris- thanks, dude!

    desiree- i love your blog too!

    damon- 8)

    josh- thanks!

  7. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Ha, this is great! CB fit right in, kickin’ ass and takin’ names just like the rest of them.

  8. mike’s avatar

    bryan- it’s uncanny!

  9. bruna’s avatar

    sooooo cooooooollllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!
    X-Cow&X-Buffalo!!!! YEAHHHH!!!

  10. mike’s avatar

    bruna- yeah! :D

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