batgirl rooftop dance

this is a batgirl commission i just finished up:


remember when drawing batgirl was like an annual event around the internets? good times…

kin, i’ll have this in the mail for you this week!



  1. chris of the gerbil realm’s avatar

    A lovely nod to Batman: Animated! More please!

  2. damon’s avatar

    super cool

    i love it

  3. Matthew Leonard’s avatar

    It looks good… almost dainty, but I’m sure she could still stomp me in a battle.

  4. mike’s avatar

    chris- haha, i think all of my bat drawings are a unintentional nod to the animated series. :) thanks!

    damon- thanks, dude!

    matthew- oh, i’d count on it. ;)

  5. Chris Houghton’s avatar

    Great inks Mike! Love it!

  6. mike’s avatar

    thanks, chris!

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