off to heroes con!


even though we just got back from north carolina,  jen and i are driving back tomorrow for heroes con! i’ve never been to this show before so i’m not really sure what to expect. but at the very least i hope to see some of you there! you’ll be able to find me in indy island at table 520. and here is a quickly photographed pile of some of the stuff that should be on top of that table.


EDIT: people keep emailing me about the stuffed Buffalo in that picture. he was a homemade gift from the multi-talented sally thompson so unfortunately he is the only one of his kind. sally, if you are reading this, i need a Cow to go along with Buffalo! :)


  1. Keath’s avatar

    I don’t remember the stuffed Buffalo before – is he new? I love him!

  2. Keath’s avatar

    Also, I want a Cabbie sticker for my car. Hop to it!

  3. mike’s avatar

    that stuffed Buffalo was an awesome homemade gift from the talented sally thompson:

    sally- if you’re reading- i need a stuffed Cow too! :)

  4. Matthew Leonard’s avatar

    I work in downtown Charlotte, but I have traffic court on Friday…

    I hope to come to the convention on Saturday (using a dealer pass to get in). If I can make it I will be sure to find your booth.

  5. EZG’s avatar

    Ugh. So jealous. Really want to go this year. I miss Heroes con so much.

  6. Keath’s avatar

    Sally Thompson is an awesome human being!

  7. mike’s avatar

    matthew- cool! hope you can make it.

    ezg- aw, too bad you won’t be there. maybe next year. :)

    keath- yes she is!

  8. Matthew Leonard’s avatar


    It was good to meet you and Jen… I have never been to a convention before, I felt kinda awkward and out of place. Maybe it was because I wasn’t suited up as my favorite superhero… or maybe I should behave.

    Like I said it was good to meet the two of you, and I look forward to receiving that other print in the mail.


  9. mike’s avatar

    it was nice to meet you, matthew! you only looked sorta awkward. ;)

    i’ll get that print to you as soon as i can get some run off at the printer.

  10. matt’s avatar

    haha…i love the money saving deal for the buttons if you get 3 !

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