red headed angel

was able to get an angel done early for next week’s drawergeeks topic. this never happens!


was also able to catch two more summer movies this weekend that were both fantastic in each of their polar opposite ways: up, which is another pixar film in case you didn’t know, and drag me to hell, which is the best sam raimi horror movie since sam raimi directed a horror movie.

my current summer movie rankings thus far:

  1. star trek
  2. up
  3. drag me to hell
  4. terminator salvation
  5. wolverine

and with that, i’m off to the gideon media arts conference, which i already blogged about HERE. wish me luck!


  1. EZG’s avatar

    This piece looks really neato. The concept could be really corny but somehow the tender feel to it really pulls it off.

    I’m actually excited about UP now. I’ve got to make myself see it and Star Trek before they leave theaters. :p

  2. E’s avatar

    very cool. star trek is at the top of my list as well!

  3. SalBa Combé’s avatar

    Wow! Really pretty. I like this but i love your powergirl.
    See you

  4. Rich’s avatar

    Star Trek rocked the world! I guess I said that once already on your blog. But it’s worthy of saying it again! I’m sure it will remain my favorite summer movie as well. Also, I’m taking the kids to see UP ASAP! They are WAY stoked about it! PIXAR just does great story telling.

  5. Rich’s avatar

    Btw, really cool angel! Love the ornate bow, frilly dress and very interesting wings.

  6. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Mike, you know, this may be one of my favorite illustrations of yours ever. Wow, it’s fangeltastic.

  7. Chris Houghton’s avatar

    Ah, great angel illustration! Now I gotta move my butt and finish mine up!

  8. gaby de wilde’s avatar


    love your work.

  9. Eduardo Medeiro’s avatar

    star trek and up it´s amazing!


    i love your work!


  10. mike’s avatar

    ezg- thanks! i still think its kinda cheesey. ;) don’t miss star trek!

    E- yeah! :D

    salba- thanks!

    rich- yeah, i have a feeling star trek and up will remain at the top of my list the entire summer. thanks!

    bryan- really? wow. thanks!

    chris- can’t wait to see it!

    gaby- thank you. :)

    eduardo- i was just listing all the summer films i’ve seen so far. you’ll notice wolverine is at the very bottom. ;) thanks!

  11. Douglas Soares’s avatar

    Hello Mike! Very special this beautiful angel! work there in drawergeeks!
    Big hug!

  12. mike’s avatar

    thanks douglas. :D

    woo! hug!

  13. Jaimee H.’s avatar

    Your work is beautifuly amazing, and I absoultely love this peice. I was just wondering if you are opposed to people getting tattoos of your work?

  14. mike’s avatar

    not at all! i guess my only clause is that i’d like to see photos of those tattoos. :)

    thank you very much, jaimee!

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