power girl sketchcard

joel carroll and i recently (well, i guess its been over a month now) did a sketchcard trade. he drew me a galactus, and i drew him this power girl:


he didn’t get a colored version though since i’ve yet to find a way to digitally color on a sketchcard. i was just in a coloring mood this morning and needed something to color.

in case anyone is interested in a black & white card sized commission, i’ve been drawing them for about $10 lately. or trading. obviously.



  1. Jeremy’s avatar

    Mike, really fun Power Girl… nice job!

  2. Aintshakespear’s avatar

    Excellent. Great lighting.

  3. Pascal’s avatar

    This is a GREAT pin up Mike!

  4. Gledwood’s avatar

    You drew that yourself? That’s pretty amazing…

  5. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Sweet! Love the pose.

  6. Matthew’s avatar

    I would love to see your artistic take of the 6 characters from the Clue game…

  7. Alina’s avatar

    Love the design of the character and the sense of movement in this illo!! ^____^

  8. mike’s avatar

    thanks everyone! it’s really nice to get such a good reaction on something i drew for someone else (and for something so tiny). :)

    matthew- that is the most random request…

  9. Matthew’s avatar

    It’s what I do…

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