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i was lucky enough to catch an advanced screening of star trek a couple of days ago, and couldn’t resist drawing uhura for today’s space girl topic on drawergeeks today.


i always thought it was funny how no matter what planet the original enterprise crew would beam down to, it was always a desolate rocky terrain. like there are no other planets in the galaxy that look like anything else but new mexico.

anyhoo- star trek was super fun! my spoiler free review under the cut:


star trek is the refreshing sci-fi movie that i’ve been waiting for. it was just… fun. no silly politics and gray areas. just good fighting evil in spaaaaaace. with an emphasis on the characters rather than special effects (although the effects were fantastic). i wish abrams directed the star wars prequels now.

trek fans are going to love it. there are so many nods to the original series and movies. lots of easter eggs. what’s great is abrams didn’t really change much at all. all of the themes and designs and silly accents- even their outfits are left intact. they were just enhanced for today’s audience- and it works really well. i thought this was going be more of a reboot, but it honestly felt more like a giant hug to the original series. it’s like everything that was great about it without the ham. all it needed was to be taken seriously, and everyone involved did a great job of that.

my only nitpicks weren’t necessarily with the movie itself but with the design of a film like this. like all prequels (which this sorta is and not i guess- to be a bit cryptic for those who don’t know anything about the plot), you never feel that the characters are in any real sense of danger, because, well, you know they are important to later films. and with such a large ensemble cast, you don’t really get to spend a lot of time with some of the more minor characters. although honestly, i was never tired of seeing kirk and spock on screen. pine and quinto did an excellent job of making those characters their own. and i suppose that’s what we have sequels for too. lastly- i would have liked to see more backstory and motivation behind the films villain, nero, although again- it wasn’t HIS story- it was kirk and spock’s.

i also have to say that i loved michael giacchino’s score. it’s similar to how he scored speed racer with integrating little snippets of the show’s theme into his own cues, saving the more familiar overtones for the moments that really call for it. he didn’t overdo it, which was awesome. he’s definitely become one of my favorite composers over these past few years (his next film is Up!).

so yeah- i highly recommend this. don’t go in wanting to be particularly challenged. just go in expecting to be entertained and having a really fun time. its playing on a few imax screens here in town, so i might go try to see it again this weekend. woohoo! summer movies are here!


  1. damon’s avatar

    very cool

    i love it

  2. Eric Scales’s avatar

    Very nice work, Mike.

    I’m seeing Star Trek on Tues and as a pretty diehard trekkie (though not so much for the original series) I have been dreading a reboot and really thought that a lot of the timeline and stuff was going to be reimagined. Your review gives me hope!

  3. Zach LeBar’s avatar

    I’m really happy to hear this review Mike. The few advanced opinions of the movie were that it was trying too hard to be the next IronMan, and that Abrams (who was never a fan of Star Trek) was changing the major undertones of the story. I’m happy to hear a Trekkie was satisfied with it. I just might have to go see it. :)


  4. Hanie’s avatar

    Not only the planets are always a rocky terrain, the aliens are almost always humanoid with a) wrinkly head, b) interestingly shaped eyebrow ridge/ raised patterns on forehead/ head. Limited budget on the prosthetics and makeup I guess ^^ The non humanoid ones are either gaseous clouds or invisible, so it’s cool to see really, REALLY alien looking aliens in the movie.

    Your review is spot on! I find it a tad trivial having to stake out the Star Trek Countdown comic for back story on the villain, but it’s altogether a nicely written comic and an awesome story within the medium, so I’m glad for that. I’m probably catching the movie again soon. It’s kinda addictive!

  5. SalBa CombĂ©’s avatar

    WoW! I like this space heroin. Beautiful colors for a beautiful drawing!

  6. mike’s avatar

    thanks guys! i’m glad you liked my little review (and drawing!)- i hope it’s helpful. :)

    i think i need to retract one of my comments i made though about the danger our protagonists are in. after seeing star trek for a second time (which i wholeheartedly recommend in imax if you get the chance)–and enjoying it just as much a second time–the alternate reality they are in was much more clear– meaning, i guess, that anything could happen. this article i found further hit this home:

    would abrams and crew consider killing off a core trek character to further emphasize this? i kind of both want and not want that to happen.

  7. Rich’s avatar

    Yeah, and it always amazes me that there is breathable oxygen and just the right gravity also. ;) Btw, nice pic! And Star Trek ROCKED…did it not?

  8. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Great as usual, love her pose especially. Well and the colors. And the drawing in general. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  9. mike’s avatar

    rich- i always assumed they checked for that stuff before beaming down. at least i hoped so!

    bryan- thanks! movie does indeed rock.

  10. Jake’s avatar

    Wait did any of u guys actually see star trek

  11. jake’s avatar

    did anyone even see the movie?
    and if any1 did who thought that the guy who was supposed to help kerk and the other guy he didnt pull his parachute and he flew in the drill

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