watch out for trolls!

it’s troll week on drawergeeks! mine enjoy sweater vests, ice cream and cheesey photoshop textures.





  1. Keath’s avatar

    How dense am I – I read “trolls” and expected to see wimpy guys with bad complexion sitting at computer monitors :P

  2. Zach LeBar’s avatar

    for the record…I like cheesy photoshop textures. :)

  3. Joe’s avatar

    I like the expression on the green one

  4. Tim’s avatar

    Mike this made me giggle.
    Sweater vests: )

  5. bruna’s avatar

    oh boy! I don’t knom wich one I like the most!!
    I think the one with more icecream, that’s the smarter one for sure! ;)

  6. mike’s avatar

    damon- thanks!

    keath- there’s not that much of a difference is there?

    zach- mission accomplished!

    joe- that’s pretty much mine when i have ice cream. :)

    tim- you got a problem with sweater vests!?

    bruna- i don’t know about that… he’s about to lose it ALL!

  7. Amanda Grazini’s avatar

    I love it’s tiny hands!

  8. mike’s avatar

    amanda- they totally would be crushing ice cream cones with anything larger. ;)

  9. Chris’s avatar

    Mike! Stop messing about on drawergeeks and send me my two book package! :o) I’ve sent you two messages! Ordered April 10th. Thanks! (Great trolls btw)

  10. mike’s avatar

    chris- i just sent out your books today!! sorry it took so long- for some reason i never received your order but i saw it yesterday checking on some stuff. not quite sure what happened. i never received your messages either….

    anyhoo- i threw some extra goodies in there for you. :)

  11. Hanie’s avatar

    He he love your variations of trolls (specially the last one, short and small like me!) You make them look so adorable :)

  12. mike’s avatar

    thanks, hanie!

  13. colin’s avatar


  14. megan’s avatar

    I am wearing a sweatervest right now! But I’m not green so hopefully that disqualifies me as a troll. These are awesome. I love the first one’s wispy little hairs. And their expressions… you always nail it.

  15. AZ’s avatar

    These are Great!

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