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fan art week on the buffalog continues! only this time i drew a  fan comic.  a NINTENDO fan comic! a super smash bros fan comic to be more specific. and it’s up on the super awesome video game fan comic site LIFE METER today! read it now!


like my last post, this comic is kinda fan specific so don’t feel bad if you don’t completely “get” it. but i’m still pretty proud of it, especially since i completed it in only two weeks (this is unusual for me) and is an idea i’ve had doggy paddling around my head for almost THREE YEARS. plus, i love drawing kirby.

EDIT: for those unfamiliar with the game, this might lend some clarification on that last panel.



read the rest HERE!



  1. Zach LeBar’s avatar

    Thought it was really great Mike, and understood all of it until the last frame. Go figure. :P I haven’t played Super Smash Bros very often, once or twice, but your drawings were, as usual, stunning. Hope someday I have half the mad skills you’ve got. ;)


  2. Liana’s avatar

    I saw it, and the first thing I thought/said aloud was: “AWEsome!” in a sing-song-y voice, actually.

    So great.

  3. matt’s avatar

    your colors get better & better

  4. mike’s avatar

    zach- thanks! this might help clarify that last panel:

    liana- YAY! thanks. :)

    matt- i tried to keep things a bit simpler this time around so i could get the pages done fairly quickly- so that means a lot!

  5. Zach LeBar’s avatar

    thanks mike…lol…now it all makes sense :)

  6. Chris Houghton’s avatar

    Hey Mike, wonderful work! I’ve been following your stuff for a couple years now ever since I saw your comments on Pascal’s blog. I think I’ve fallen in love with your line work and color. But don’t tell them!

  7. mike’s avatar

    zach- haha! good!

    chris- your secret is safe with me. ;)

  8. Francis-Olivier’s avatar

    What I don’t get is why Kirby is in love with princess Zelda? Or why she dicided to change to Sheik at that moment? Wait a minute… That move use Down+B. Kirby’s Down+B is… oh I think I just got it. Although then why does Zelda sem to start loving Kirby in the third lest panel?

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