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one of my favorite comic type people, johanne matte, is collecting her entire water tribe epic (aka: the most passionate avatar fan project ever) into a couple of books. even better, she’s giving those books away to artists who draw some pinup art for them. since i REALLY want those books, i drew some pinup art:


i’m afraid unless you’re familiar with the characters though, this little doodle might be lost on some of you. i also realized that, as huge an avatar fan as i am, this is my first avatar fan art. and it is fan art of avatar fan art. so sad.


  1. jensupergirl’s avatar

    haha! I’m going to draw fan art of your fan art of fan art of avatar!!!!

  2. AJ’s avatar

    avatar as in like the last airbender? because if so that was the 1st thing i thought of when i saw this picture, this is realy realy goooood. thanks for thiss

  3. mike’s avatar

    jen- we are creating a whole new genre! :D

    aj- yup, as in the last airbender (aka: the best show ever). you are welcome. :)

  4. Matt’s avatar

    I don’t know the characters but it you squnit it looks a little like Hellboy and Liz.

    As a side note this is the same Matt that used to be, but they finally deleted my e-mail account.

    Aslo I am in the process of building the website above… Mind if I link to your blog?

  5. Matt’s avatar

    I heard he likes chicken as well :)

    That was supposed to say “squint”

  6. mike’s avatar

    matt- you MUST, right now, run to your local dvd renting facility, and take out avatar: season 1. soon all shall bow before the greatness of zhao.

    and of course- thank you!

  7. Sarah!’s avatar

    Very nice and ooo, I did not know about Johanne’s comic. I am super excited to read it. Stephen and I just finished (finally!) watching season three. Hurrah!

  8. mike’s avatar

    yay! i totally need to find out what you guys thought about it.

    thanks, sarah!

  9. Hanie’s avatar

    This is gorgeous! I love how your style is so distinct! I’m trying to submit myself but don’t think I’ll make the cut (found out about it way too late XD)

  10. mike’s avatar

    thanks colin!

    hanie- i hope you get in. you have a great style!

  11. Emily’s avatar

    This totally rocks!!!! I’ve seen Avatar sooooo many times, and I totally understand where ur coming from with this drawing. Its insane how many people haven’t seen Avatar. BTW Great Drawing, Mike!!!

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