i felt like drawing catwoman the other day. not really sure why other than i like cats. and women.



  1. Keath’s avatar

    It’s a combination of the two best things in life :)

  2. mike’s avatar

    shoot! i should have had her holding ice cream!

  3. Charles Raymond’s avatar

    Great piece.

    I love the combination of the current costume with the purple!

  4. damon’s avatar

    i have no problem with that

    very cool i like

  5. pjharvey’s avatar

    Fantastic! Mreow.

  6. Jeremy’s avatar

    Gorgeous. I too love the combination of the current-era costume with the purple. DC would be smart to take a note from you my friend. Great job!

    You should do Harley and Ivy next!

  7. Scott’s avatar

    She’s purdy.

  8. mike’s avatar

    thanks so much everyone! i really appreciate the fact that you all take the the time to comment.

    jeremy- hopefully i’ll find the time to get around to those two soon!

    bryan- no!

  9. Shannon’s avatar

    Nice! I’m a big fan, see your stuff over at Drawer geeks from time to time!

    Love the purple suit for sure, and i agree, Harely would be very cool to see in your style!

  10. Nicole’s avatar

    she’s beautiful

  11. Selina’s avatar

    budgets suck, otherwise I’d have gotten her along with the two batgirls today…


  12. Zag’s avatar

    Very cute :)

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