enter the luv ninjas

they only want to be your friend.


for today’s ninja topic on drawergeeks. :)

i know this blog has been kind of barren lately, but there has been a lot of stuff i’ve been up to. i’ve posted some of this on cow & buffalo, but for those that only follow this here buffalog:

  • attended megacon (as always). jen posted some pics she took at the show here.
  • particpated in a webcomics panel while i was there. it’s up now on the gigcast (i don’t start babbling nonsensical until about 30 min in).
  • there was an interview with me about cow & buffalo’s new book (among other things) on newsarama.
  • speaking of cow & buffalo, i’ve still been updating the strip each and every week.
  • saw watchman. i really enjoyed it, although i’m looking forward to the directors cut in july.
  • and here are some bands i’ve been into lately: handsome furs, animal collective, the pains of being pure at heart, ra ra riot, the weepies, and strangely enough- the fray.

hopefully it won’t be quite so long till my next post!


  1. Muffin’s avatar

    Hahah.. no really, they dont. ;P Ninjas dont have friends! They’re lonely and cool.

    I love your happy, heartfilled illustrations. :)

  2. Evan’s avatar

    Wow. You are continually inspiring, dude.

  3. mike’s avatar

    muffin- and yet they always show up in swarms…

    although when they don’t, when they are lonely and cool and solo, they tend to obliterate everything in their path. in fact, there’s a rule about that somewhere……….. here it is: http://www.netjak.com/review.php/1199

    i loved your ninja btw, mette!

    evan- aw, thanks!

  4. bruna’s avatar

    AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaww! win-prize- idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. mike’s avatar

    bruna- wooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Eric’s avatar

    Wow. I love this. How can I get a print! :o)

  7. damon’s avatar

    ha ha very cool

  8. Oscar’s avatar

    Love the colors and feeling of motion!

  9. Ben Hatke’s avatar

    Ooh! They have little earflaps on their masks!

  10. mike’s avatar

    breadwig- aw man! forgot! next time…

    eric- thanks! i really got to get my print shop up and running… prints are $10. just < http://www.cowshell.com/contact“>email me for more details. :)

    damon and oscar- thank you!

    ben- they are cuter that way. :)

  11. mike’s avatar

    thanks, erwin!

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