chocolate faerie

this was another faerie commission (people must like faeries—i get asked to draw more faeries than anything else). in this case, the commissionee asked for some specifics: blond, waking up in the morning, a cup of coffee, a ladybug, a certain brand of chocolate (her favorite), and similar to the faerie seasons i was also commissioned to draw not too long ago.


yes! i think i pretty much covered everything! “oh, you didn’t want clothes on her?” so close…

here is the edited version:


i actually don’t have a problem with drawing a nude pixie. in fact, call me old fashioned, but most of the time i find it kind of ridiculous that faeries are wearing clothes anyhow. but it was tough to alter something i already had in my head as finished—especially since i couldn’t rework the original pencils (i work in a non-erase lead). this is just one of the many reasons i love that i render pretty much everything digitally now. in fact, i’m not sure how i’d get by without photoshop nowadays.

what do you guys think? which version do you like better?


  1. Dan’s avatar

    Of course, I’m going with the nude pict, but for some reason my rational brain is having a problem with the concept of mammary glands on an immortal creature that doesn’t reproduce like mortals, or need their young to suckle for nourishment. Usually when my brain gets all uppity like that, I hit myself in the head with a ballpeen hammer and I’m fine…

    Cute picts, as usual :)

  2. Jeremy’s avatar

    I like them both actually. The green in her clothes compliment the other green parts of the scene and bind them together. In the nude version, her being in the buff adds to the decadence of the motif (chocolate and coffee).


  3. Scott’s avatar

    Nude, of course….just don’t tell my wife ;)

  4. Alina’s avatar

    THis is beautiful!

  5. colin’s avatar

    lovely drawing !

  6. mike’s avatar

    dan- so you are an expert on faerie reproduction now, hmmm? ;)

    jeremy- good way to look at it i suppose!

    scott- oops!

    alina- thank you!

    colin- thank you too!

  7. breadwig’s avatar

    Hmmm. I think it’s a tie. I like both a lot. I love that coffee cup, makes me want to model one in 3d.

  8. Ridhi’s avatar

    Hi Mike…
    Came across your blog while surfing for some pixie pics….
    i simply loved your work…
    Your doing really well… all the best and keep it up :)

  9. mike’s avatar

    bryan- thanks! go right ahead. :)

    ridhi- aw, thanks! i’ll do my best!

  10. Kayla’s avatar

    Dear Mike:

    Your work is simply awesome! Good luck. As for the “naked” faerie, somehow I imagined her with a pointier bust…

  11. Marley’s avatar

    your pics inspired me… iused to draw, but i sucked. when i saw all of your drawings, i grabbed a pencil and a piece of paper and IMMEDIATLEY came up with a great idea! (it was the mermaid or “ariel” as you called it)

  12. luchi’s avatar

    When i saw this pic it inspired me for my individual art project i am doing at school my theme is faires/pixie’s and well i saw your pictures and i used them as my visual research so it coudl help me with the drawing’s of the pixie’s plus i like th eone with clothes better (used as visual research) :)

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