hourly comic day strikes again!

on sunday, hourly comic day reared it’s crazy, unforgiving head and jen and i had a blast, although somewhat stressful time, keeping up with the festivities yet again. this year we both had the day off and spent the entire time together so it’s kind of fun to read both our comics from our different perspectives (not once did we peek at or ask about eachother’s comics either- it made it more fun to read them together at end of the day). and oh yeah- there was this little television event that was on that evening too. you can read jen’s day HERE and mine directly below this paragraph.

(for those interested, my previous hourlies can be read HERE)


  1. Andrew’s avatar

    Hahaha! I think still, besides the Steelers winning the Superbowl that is one of the best Superbowls ever, the “why is he an actor” quote is my favorite.

  2. Keath’s avatar

    Wouldn’t this be The Return Of The Hourly Comic?

    Next year, your hourly comic will have to be a prequel – The Phantom Hourly Comic. And you’ll have to draw a day from when you were a young padawin cartoonist and Speed Racer was just a TV cartoon. The excitement of meeting Jedi Cartoonists like, well, whomever you met! The romance of meeting Queen Jen-adala! The terror of meeting Darth Mad-cow-disease-making-your-lead-character-a-PR-disaster (you might want to shorten that)! Goodness, what a spectacle – I think I have to go lie down now …

  3. Kimberly’s avatar

    I feel like i just witnessed a true day in your life. That was hilarious. I’m sure dad would be glad to know that you hear Journey songs in your head while he is preaching. anywho, thanks for making my day a little brighter.

  4. Shelley’s avatar

    Mike – yours are pretty good, but WOW! Jen’s are REALLY GREAT for drawing comics only once a year. I’m impressed :]

  5. Matt’s avatar

    I definately don’t think this should be the last year for this, you and JEN do so well at it.

    And don’t feel bad I feel the same way anything I have to go to WalMart.

  6. Matt’s avatar

    Oh, and your 9:30 thru 9:33 is probably universal thought among young husbands. (At least in my experience.)

  7. Matt’s avatar

    I wish I could edit these (the last comment was from your previous daily comic).

  8. Bryan B.’s avatar

    I always love these.

  9. mike’s avatar

    thanks, everyone! i really think this will be the last time i do this, but hey- i said that last year too. ;)

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