samus style

it’s my first art post of 2009! here is some metroid art i did for drawergeeks‘ classic nintendo themed topic up today.


i don’t play a lot of video games, but man i love nintendo. it’s the only consule i’ve ever owned, mainly so i can just play the next zelda (the best!) or mario games. as much as i love the awesome cast of characters nintendo has created though, i’ve honestly never played metroid. but it just so happens to be jen’s all-time favorite video game franchise- so this is for her. it was also good practice at drawing tech, which i don’t ever draw. ever. but it was still kinda fun. hopefully i didn’t offend any samus loyalists out there by giving my own slight take to her armor.

(oh- and jen and i’s current nintendo distraction is lego star wars: the complete saga. yeah!)


i’m really into ingrid michaelson right now (is it too late to add  be ok to my best of 2008 list?). and this video is super cute.



  1. Keath’s avatar

    Nice one! I’m stinkola at drawing tech. I love the glow you got on the visor and various green light-up-space-suit-thingies!

    Listened to “Girls & Boys” yesterday – not bad, but “Be OK” is still my fav of hers.

    If I see you Saturday, I’m going to wait until your back is turned and slip Soulwax’s “Nite Versions” into your bag. Awesomeness!

  2. Mish’s avatar

    I REALLY love this one Mike, it’s incredible! I like it so much i think i’m going to have to make it my new computer desktop image. Although the Zelda games have always been my favorites too, I love that Samus is an armor wearing, alien destroying, butt-kicking girl.

  3. Blom’s avatar

    Very cool bling! ^__^

  4. Joe Fenton’s avatar

    Man Mike! Your coloring has gotten so tight over the years. Ditto on theface mask glow. It’s super convincing.

  5. mike’s avatar

    keath- yeah, i like ‘be okay’ more as well- but ‘girls and boys’ keeps getting better with each listen! thanks!

    mish- aw thanks! here’s a desktop sized one for you if you want:

    and, yes- i love how there’s a butt-kicking girl inside all of that tech!

    angela, chris- thanks!

    blom- hah!

    joe- aw- thanks, dude!

  6. Tim’s avatar

    WOW…that’s beautiful Mike! Nice work.


  7. bruna’s avatar

    wicked armor!!!!

  8. Bryan B.’s avatar

    More tech! Very cool.

  9. diogochewbacca’s avatar

    Very nice.

    When you illustrate the Zero Suit Samus?

  10. mike’s avatar

    diogochewbacca- soon i hope!

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