year end review


stuff that happened in 2008:

  • gained a nephew
  • contributed something to cbt
  • went to megacon. hung out with some cool friends.
  • finished twilight princess (took only eight months!)
  • went on my first cruise. realized having a personal chef, butler, maid  and giant yacht probably wouldn’t be that bad.
  • went to fluke and hung out with some cool friends
  • started a new comic
  • dr horrible
  • went to mocca and hung out with some cool friends
  • avatar finale
  • y: chapter 10
  • the best summer movie summer EVER.
  • went to sdcc and got a hug from tori frickin amos (and hung out with some cool friends)
  • went to europe
  • became hospitalized for the first and hopefully last time.
  • sky•doll in english
  • went to a world series game. finally got baseball.
  • went to dallas and hung out with some cool friends

things i want to do in 2009:

  • start working on that new comic again
  • publish parable
  • finish my parable 2 comic
  • rid the world of evil
  • sell some books
  • lose some weight
  • draw more
  • hang out with some cool friends
  • don’t forget about the ones i won’t see


  1. Keath’s avatar

    Happy New Year!

    I’ll help with 6 and 7 by tying a pint of ice cream on the back of my car and making you run all the way to Life Drawing each week :)

  2. Bryan B.’s avatar

    I made the list, I made the list!

  3. Scott’s avatar

    Happy New Year!

    Can’t wait to see more of 1 and 4 and I also need to do more of 6 and 7. Good luck with the New Year.

  4. mike’s avatar

    keath- that.. that would probably work. and the ice cream would be melted by the time we got there which makes even more sense.

    bryan- well someone’s pretty assuming, aren’t they. ;)

    scott- keep your fingers crossed!

  5. Sarah!’s avatar

    Yay 2009! I hope you accomplish everything on that list. Hurrah! I so want my art friends to rock out their cool comic ideas and get them published so I can add them to my library. :)

  6. mike’s avatar

    ha- thanks, sarah! i want my cool art friends to get published for the same reasons. :)

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