reindeer hat

a little sketch i decided to throw some color on.



  1. Keath’s avatar

    awww – awesomeness! :D

  2. Matt’s avatar

    That would make a cute Holiday card…

    nice Mike…

  3. Ben Hatke’s avatar

    Now I’m itching for coffee.

  4. bryan b.’s avatar

    You and your thrown color. Ha. The color rocks my friend.

  5. Blom’s avatar

    If you want a hat like that I know someone who is making them. ^__^
    Nice good feel image. :)

  6. bruna’s avatar

    beautiful colors for a beautiful drawing!!!

  7. mike’s avatar

    keath- thanks!

    matt- well, i submitted it to dg this week just because you said that. and because i didn’t have anything else. :P

    ben- how do you know it’s not hot chocolate? or hot, uh… egg nog?

    (it’s not hot egg nog)

    bryan- hah! well, it came out alright i guess. it really was thrown in this time though! promise!

    blom- thanks! though i’m not sure i could pull one off. ;)

    bruna- aw, thanks!

    (lots of Bs…)

  8. megan’s avatar

    That is CUTE. I want that hat. Even if you just drew it on paper big enough for my head and I made a paper hat of it. I want one. :D

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