monkeying around at work

not that i want to make a habit of posting the stuff i draw here at work on this blog, but i’m afraid unless i do i’ll have nothing else to post right now! besides, in this case it’s kinda fun. i had to create this little monkey character:


he’s for a visual presentation for a class here and needed to be done pretty quickly—like most of the stuff i draw at my job is. even with the rush job, it was just the sort of lighthearted type of thing i needed to be doing after a fairly frustrating week last week. monkeys can be so therapeutic. :)











  1. Keath’s avatar

    It is fundamentally unfair that your job consists of drawing monkeys and that you also get paid authentic, spendable U.S. Currency. Your readers will have to enact some form of revenge for this inequity – balance must be restored.

  2. Bryan B.’s avatar

    I really dig this little monkey dude. He rocks. He even rolls.

  3. Matthew S. Armstrong’s avatar

    He’s got loads of appeal. The stone monkey ruins speak of an ancient legendary monkey legend of legend. I wish to see more of his adventures with he’s various allies. It’s just way too much fun and an original monkey design. Never stop monkeying around.

  4. Tim Baron’s avatar

    I wanna hug that monkey.

  5. mike’s avatar

    keath- haha! well it’s not usually so luxurious.

    bryan- only two of his many talents. ;)

    matt- thanks, dude! he’s actually loosely based on Wu Ch’eng-en’s “Monkey.” VERY loosely based. he’s fun though so maybe i’ll do more with him one day. who knows.

    tim- you never, NEVER, hug a monkey.

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