rome and pompeii

jen has posted the last of our europe pics.


for our last days in europe, we found ourselves in rome looking at lots and lots of lots of ruins (and eating some REALLY good pizza). for our final day we ended up in the uncovered city of pompeii to visit even more ruins.  all of which were incredibly impressive. it was amazing to be walking on streets that were well over two thousand years old.


and HERE is some predictable but no less appropraite music to listen to as you browse.



  1. Keath’s avatar

    Have I already seen these? Did Jen already email this link? Are we doing life drawing this week? Where’s Cabbie? I’m so confused …

  2. mike’s avatar

    yeah- i think she sent an email out last week. i’m just totally late on letting everyone else know. :P

    and yes- life drawing this week!

  3. Keath’s avatar

    I HADN’T seen these! I missed out! To make up for it, I left lots of inane comments. Well, actually, I do that everytime – but this time MORE so, in a not-MORE-so sort of way :)

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