i took today’s ‘witch’ topic¬† for drawergeeks as an opportunity to draw some kiki fan art:


kiki’s delivery service is my favorite ghibli film (at least until the next ghibli film i watch. it tends to fluctuate) so i wanted to draw something cool.¬† unfortunately, i think this piece suffers from what i think a lot of my illos have suffered from lately. it’s a weak drawing that i tried to make work in color and therefore ended up with a mediocre piece. lately i’ve been more excited about the coloring process and experimenting with some new techniques that i’ve been sort of rushing through the drawing stage just to get it scanned and into the computer as quickly as possible. not smart! good color does not a good drawing make.

even though i learned some new things about coloring this time around ( i have so much to learn!), i’ve decided i need to refocus on my drawing again. thanks to my pal keath, i’ve finally found a place in tampa that holds regular figure drawing sessions and i plan on doodling in my sketchbook more than i do now. it might mean this blog may become slightly less colorful for a while, but i think strengthening my drafting skills is a viable payoff. and don’t worry- i’m not abandoning color completely. it’s way too fun (and i need to practice that too).


  1. Keath’s avatar

    While I agree your coloring has looked spectacular lately, I haven’t really noticed a fall off on your drafting. This illo drew my eye immediately to the cat, whom is very well done, so there’s definitely merit to it. Yo, it’s tough to be kicking out Definitive Red Skull Portraits all the time – you can have a day off you know :)

    You realize now that you’ve given public notice you’re at these drawing sessions you’ll be expected to post some sketches! You’ll have to add black bars to make it all ages appropriate :)

  2. Sarah!’s avatar

    I love this! I didn’t notice a slip in your drawing either… I think we all tend to be pickiest about our own work. Sometimes a good thing I guess, but I think you should just be proud and delighted with this one. :)

    Can’t wait until Hazie is old enough to watch the Ghibli goodies!

  3. EZG’s avatar

    Great movie. Nice piece.

  4. Angela’s avatar

    If this is mediocre art the rest of us STILL have a lot to aspire too! Enjoy your figure drawing class.

  5. Mish’s avatar

    AH! i was going to do a drawing of Kiki for this week’s drawergeeks but i ran out of time. I think this piece came out fine!

  6. Bryan B.’s avatar

    I wish I was half as mediocre as you. Wait, I mean, I wish I was twice as mediocre as you. No, that’s not right either. Whatever, I like this piece, especially ze kitty.

  7. mike’s avatar

    aw… thanks everyone! that’s really encouraging. :)

    i guess i just don’t feel like i’m really growing as an artist lately. there’s stuff in my head that just isn’t showing up on paper and it’s been really frustrating. but if it wasn’t, i suppose it wouldn’t be half as much fun either!

    it doesn’t help that i was looking at a bunch of miyazaki art before working on this one too. ;)

  8. Tim Baron’s avatar

    You make it looks so effortless Mr. Maihack.

  9. bruna’s avatar

    I loved the scene! and the colors, and clouds, and the cat!!! ok, love the whole thing!
    I think that wanting to get better is what makes a good artist to became a great one… your artwork rocks Mike!

  10. mike’s avatar

    thanks, tim and bruna. you guys are too kind. :)

  11. Wilson’s avatar

    Heya Mike!

    My name is Wilson and I live in Tampa. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to tell me the location that you go and figure draw in Tampa! I’ve been wanting a spot to go myself! I definitely could use some brushing up on my figure skills! Any help you can give is appreciated!!

    Thanks! :)

  12. dunno’s avatar

    this has a bit of a more– i dunno, a harry potter type of feeling than kiki, but i really like your style and use of colours!! xD great work

  13. Lauren’s avatar

    I was googling some ideas for next year’s Megacon and ran across this! Amazing! I love it much!

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