last of the marvel sketch cards

all of my mm3 ap cards were approved which means i can now share them here.



thanks to everyone that bought one (or two)!

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  1. Keath’s avatar

    Best. Red Skull. Ever.

    It’s not even a competition anymore …

  2. Eric Merced’s avatar

    I must agree. That Red Skull is just classic. The best of the bunch.

  3. damon’s avatar

    wow i love them

    so cool

    the red skull is so cool

  4. mike’s avatar

    thanks, guys. that red skull was kinda tough. it’s hard to draw a red skulled nazi without any red and a ban on nazi symbols.

  5. Duncan’s avatar

    Great drawings, I love the finishes too!

  6. mike’s avatar

    thanks, duncan. :)

  7. Ryan Spencer/BluBoyComics’s avatar

    Wow! That is so awesome Mike!!! Holy @#$!

  8. PO!’s avatar

    I love Husk and Jubille!!! what are this for? I love them

  9. mike’s avatar

    hah- thanks, ryan. :)

    PO!- these were for a Marvel card set coming out, uh.. next year i guess. i was given ten blank cards as a thanks and someone commissioned me to draw husk and jubilee on two of them. so those were for them.

    also- i love your character redesigns on your blog!

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