an interview and a sketch

hey guys! there’s an interview with me up at LCS today. check it out!

also, because absolutely no one asked for it, here’s a little sketch of cleo (and khensu).


i promise to continue her adventures in comic form as soon as i get caught up with the multitude of other stuff on my plate right now.

also, for the first time ever, i’ve decide to sell the original art for the above cleo drawing.  the price is $50 which includes shipping and a print of the colored version. if interested, just shoot me an email.  you can view the black and white line work HERE and if there’s a good response i’ll think about selling some more original art down the road. maybe even take the time to set up an ebay store or something.


  1. Keath’s avatar

    Yay they used the Wolvie tea-party drawing! They also used the cute Hellboy one, which is one of my favorite Mike Maihack drawings of all time. Good interview too :)

  2. Josh’s avatar

    Fun interview Mike! And I love Cleo & Khensu!

  3. damon’s avatar

    very cool

    i like

  4. megan’s avatar

    Love the interview! And cute drawing. :)

  5. MarkCalifornia’s avatar

    Damn the economy and my empty wallet, I’d love to put in for that fine piece of work. I’ll settle for calling it great.

  6. Jeremy’s avatar

    Sweet! They used the Spring fairy drawing! Mike, if I had the money, Cleo would be mine already. Wait, I remember a couch I didn’t toss for change yet….

  7. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Awesome interview, very fun! And yes, you are a super picky eater, that’s why we love you so.

  8. Brandy!’s avatar

    I painted on my batgirl face mask tonight and I wanted you to know I based it off of the batgirl you drew. Slightly different on the eye hole placements, but I’m a sucker for the catwoman mask. So a comfortable cross. Anywayz, I wanted you to know.

  9. mike’s avatar

    thanks everyone!

    brandy- that’s awesome! and crazy too, considering that drawing was done for the awesome ming doyle who created that batgirl costume…

    …so your costume is a costume based on a drawing of another costume! too cool. :D

  10. Brandy!’s avatar

    Well I just took the mask really! I wanted to hand paint a mask on and I googled images of batgirl and didn’t find one I liked and came across your illustration. (Which her costume was made really well! haha Mine was not even half of that.)

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