i think every young space cadet needs to fight at least one giant alien tentacled monster in their lifetime:


for drawergeeks‘ giant monster topic today. :)

also, jen has posted our germany photos- or as we like to call it,  CASTLE DAY!


here again is some music to listen to if you decide to browse through.  this song will now forever remind me of watching the french and german countryside speed by as we traveled by train from paris to munich.

republic tigers – “buildings and mountains”



  1. Keath’s avatar

    Not that “Buildings and Mountains” is a bad song, but with an illo like that you should have posted “Fight Song!” :)

    Everyone should see Republic Tigers live too – they’re wicked good and very nice.

  2. Tim’s avatar

    wow man, beautiful art. You really nail those highlights. Really pops. Just curious, how much time did you spend coloring this?

  3. EZG’s avatar

    One of the nicest things I’ve seen you post. But I guess I’ve not followed you a super long time. Still, quite b’dass.

  4. Marco’s avatar

    Hey Mike – Great work from you this round too! Nice level of finish on it, and sweet designs.

  5. MarkCalifornia’s avatar

    Thank you! for the Cleo fix. First time, long time, I love your work.

  6. Angela’s avatar

    This is a great entry, as always.
    Also, glad you enjoyed Europe and sorry to hear you were in the hospital. Hope you are feeling 200% better!

  7. mike’s avatar

    keath- hah! yeah. oh well. i hate how i missed them the last time they came through. i won’t make that mistake a again.

    tim- hmm… i worked on most of it wed evening and put in those extra highlights the next morning. so… 6-8 hours? give or take? a lot of that is messing around with colors i guess.

    ezg- thanks, dude!

    marco- thanks!

    mark- you’re welcome! wish i had time for more…

    angela- i am- much! thank you. :)

  8. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Dude, you went all out this week. Top o’ the heap.

  9. mike’s avatar

    bryan- aw, shucks. it was a fun topic!

  10. megan’s avatar

    Oh, love it! It’s creepy like a spider sorta but I love it anyway!
    Was that your icy car in my text box this morning?? Ha ha, snowed here too! Not cool !

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