jen has started uploading photos and videos of our trip to europe. first up, paris: the city of looooooooove.  and delicious snails. click HERE to view em.


i think jen’s going to upload these in chunks so i’ll just post them as she lets me know. some of those videos are pretty funny too. and for those wondering who those other two people are in every other picture, we went with our pals shawn and alisha who were great travel companions. after spending over two weeks together, i think we only tried to kill each other like twice.

HERE’s some music to listen to as you browse.



  1. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Okay, the attacking tree, that just made me smile. :) What a great pose, ha!

  2. mike’s avatar

    that crazy tree was ruthless.

  3. Matt’s avatar

    I can’t see the website from my work network (they block almost everything good), but I’m going to check these out when I get home tonight.

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