who wants a sketch card?


remember all those marvel sketch cards i drew not too long ago?  well, i just got sent ten artist proof blanks that i’ve decided to sell as commissions!

you can view all of the cards i did HERE (or just scroll down this blog a bit).

i’m selling them for $50 each with a marvel character of your choosing.  they will be in the same style as the ones i drew before but hopefully better drawn (no color, sorry. i just don’t remember how to without a computer nowadays).

also- the sale of these cards will go to a good cause! paying my upcoming hospital bills from which i spent the last three days of last week unable to leave from. hey guess what? hospitals are NO FUN!

anyhoo, just send me an email with the subject MARVEL SKETCH CARDS or something like that and i’ll send you payment info and any other information i probably forgot to write here.

oh- and first come first serve and all that.

EDIT– only 2 left!



  1. Johnny Bacardi’s avatar

    As much as I’d love to have one of your sketches, really, what I want to know is how I could get my hands on a blank! I’d like to try MY hand at drawing a few.

  2. damon’s avatar

    i really love you take on the marvel universe

    lots of fun

    great job

  3. mike’s avatar

    johnny- keep your eyes peeled on the internets to see if they do this again!

    damon- thanks!

  4. Bryan B.’s avatar

    3 days in the hospital? Eeeek! Are you ok?

  5. mike’s avatar

    bryan- yes, i am now. i was avoiding the doctor since returning overseas and being admitted to the er was the result. learned a lesson i did!

    ended up i had some infection or something. it was never quite clear why i had to stay there for so long.

  6. Matt’s avatar

    I’m not suprised these are moving fast… Your style is amazing… I sent an e-mail to a friend who may buy one, I unfortunately am not spending any unnessesary money due to what’s happening in my job market…

    Hope you are feeling better… the hospital just wanted more insurance money I am sure..

  7. Matt’s avatar

    Johnny Bacardi,

    You want a A blank Marvel Masterpeices “Artist Sketch Card”?

    I can peice one together for you, Mike would this be an issue?

  8. Tim’s avatar

    Glad you’re feeling better Mr. Maihack: )
    At least it was in a hospital in the US and not you waking up in a bathtub packed with ice overseas with your kidney missing.

  9. mike’s avatar

    matt- thanks! as for the blank card, uh… i guess that’s okay. :)

    tim- oh jeez! yes- thank GOD!

  10. Keath’s avatar

    “learned a lesson i did!”

    apparently that lesson was to talk like Yoda. Prudent, that is. Draw more Cabbie, you should!

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