hey- tron is awesome

no seriously. it was also the topic for drawergeeks last week. i drew yori:


i’m totally excited for tr2n! looks like it’ll be in safe hands too.

also, some of you may already know this, but this friday i’ll be traveling to europe for a couple of weeks. because i probably won’t be spending any time at all on a computer while i’m there, this’ll likely be my last blog post for a while. hopefully i’ll have some drawings to post when i get back though!


  1. EZG’s avatar

    The internet illuminati strike again! Neat drawing.

  2. Blom’s avatar

    Very cool Tron illustration. Did not know about Tr2n, but that sounds awesome. The first Tron was the start of Pixar, and so it has created much joy.

    Have a nice time traveling in Europe! ^__^

  3. Aintshakespear’s avatar

    I love this picture. Very nostalgic. And cool.

  4. Joanie’s avatar

    Awesome! I love your art and your blog very cool stuff

  5. mike’s avatar

    ezg- hah! thanks, dude.

    blom- thanks! trip was awesome. hopefully next time we can make our way up to your part of town!

    shakes- thanks! and i feel old now……

    joanie- thank you!

  6. Randy Waage’s avatar

    Yori’s such a well LOVED character I hope they find some way to incorporate her into the new TRON Legacy movie.

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